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Attracting and Retaining Customers (2S01)


While attracting customers is fundamental to all growing businesses, sustainable business development and profitability will be driven by customer retention. In this course, you will learn how to analyze your customer base to identify and rank your most profitable customers and how to use this information to help plan your sales and marketing strategies. You will learn how to use customer journey mapping and value-based marketing to enhance your insights and identify opportunities for increase sales and profitability.

You will learn about the core principles of relationship marketing and key account management, and explores techniques and tools to build these capabilities in your organization. Finally, you will learn about the value and use of customer intelligence (CRM) to support sustainable growth.

- Suitable For: Middle Managers and Marketing professionals
- Course Duration: 20 Hours
- Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
- Additional Resources: Download comprehensive Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets.


  • Attract and Retain Customers 1 - Getting Started
  • Video - The Importance of Customer Retention
  • Section 1: Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  • Attract and retain Customers 2 - Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  • Video - The Buyer decision Process
  • Attract and retain Customers 3 - Using Consumer Data
  • Attract and Retain Customers 4 - The Importance of Customer Loyalty
  • Video - How to Improve Customer Retention
  • Attract and Retain Customers 5 - Knowing your Products and Services
  • Attract and Retain Customers - Quiz 1
  • Attract and Retain Customers 6 - Knowing your Customers
  • Video - Getting to know your customers
  • Attract and Retain Customers 6 - Mapping the Customer Journey
  • Video - Customer Journey Map Example
  • Attract and retain Customers 7 - Customer Retention Part 1
  • Attract and retain customers 8 - Retaining Customers Part 2
  • Attract and Retain Customers - Quiz 2
  • Section 3: Marketing and Customer Retention
  • Attract and Retain Customers 9 - Relationship Marketing
  • Video - Transactional versus Relational Customers
  • Attract and Retain Customers 10 - Key Account Management
  • Video - What is Key Account Management?
  • Attract and Retain Customers 11 - Lifecycle Marketing
  • Attract and Retain Customers - Quiz 3
  • Attract and Retain Customers 12 - Wrapping-up
  • Attract and Retain Customers - Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete 80.00% of the content
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever