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Managing Corporate Social Responsibility (4F02)


Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly recognized as a central pillar in the evaluation of an enterprises valuation. Enterprise’s seeking to trade on the Global stage recognize that reporting on their contribution to the community and their operational ethics matter to shareholders, investors and regulatory authorities – the stakeholders of the organization. The course is designed for individuals working in senior roles in diverse contexts who have responsibility for ensuring an organization is positioned to ensure its long-term viability and success.

This course will help you identify the skills and knowledge required to consult with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate corporate social responsibility policy in an organization.


- Suitable For: Middle and Senior Managers
- Course Duration: 20 Hours
- Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
- Additional Resources: Download Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets.

  • Develop and Implment CSR 1 - Getting Started
  • Video - CSR and Sustainable Development
  • Section 1: Understanding CSR
  • Develop and Implement CSR 2 - Understanding CSR
  • Develop and Implement CSR 3 - The Context for CSR
  • Video - What is Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Develop and Implement CSR 4 - Knowing your Stakeholders
  • Video - How to build a stakeholder map
  • Develop and Implement CSR 5 - Stakeholder Information
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Quiz 1
  • Section 2: Developing CSR Strategy and Policy
  • Develop and Implement CSR 6 - Planning for CSR
  • Video - Why CSR Matters
  • Develop and Implement CSR 7 - CSR Strategy
  • Video - Implementing CSR in the Business
  • Develop and Implement CSR 8 - CSR Policy
  • Video - CSR and Diversity
  • Section 3: Implementing CSR
  • Develop and Implement CSR 9 - Implement CSR Policy
  • Video - The Global Reporting Initiative
  • Develop and Implement CSR 10 - Monitoring CSR
  • Video - The GRI 5-Step Reporting Process
  • Develop and Implement CSR 11 - Evaluating Outcomes
  • Develop and Implement CSR 12 - Wrapping-up
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Quiz 2
  • Video - Using ESG Metrics
  • Video - CSR Case Study (India)
  • Develop and Implement CSR - Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever