Middle Management → L2: Operations and Quality

Business Improvement Techniques


Continuous improvement is essential for all types and sizes of companies in all sectors to remain competitive in today’s challenging business environment. CQI has evolved considerably from its early growth within TQM, and now embraces 6 Sigma, Kaizen and LEAN theory. This course provides an overview of these theories of quality and business improvement, and provides an introduction to the key tools used in their successful application. The introduction of a continuous improvement culture is the key to long term success in today’s manufacturing and services environments. Such a culture requires leadership, resourcing and continuous nurturing. As a leader, you can gain substantial traction in your career if you can demonstrate success with the application of these principles, and in the successful execution of a business improvement program.

This course will also provide you with a framework to plan for and successfully lead a small scale business improvement initiative, and help you to build a continuous improvement culture in your organization.

- Suitable For: First-Line and Middle Managers and Operations professionals
- Course Duration: 20 hours
- Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
- Additional Resources: Download comprehensive Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets


  • Business Improvement Techniques 1 - Getting Started
  • Video - The Importance of Quality
  • Section 1: Understanding Continuous Improvement
  • Business Improvement Techniques 2 - Understanding Continuous Improvement
  • Video - BMW Quality Management
  • Business Improvement Techniques 3 - Understanding Processes
  • Video - Business Process Management
  • Business Improvement Techniques 4 - Process Variation and Control
  • Business Improvement - Quiz 1
  • Section 2: Business Improvement Methodologies
  • Business Improvement Techniques 5 - Understanding Kaizen
  • Video - Kaizen
  • Business Improvement Techniques 6 - Improving Processes
  • Video - Visibility in Process Improvement
  • Business Improvement Techniques 7 - Lean and the 7 Wastes
  • Video - The 7 Wastes
  • Buisiness Improvement Techniques 8 - Understanding 5s
  • Video - Understanding 5S
  • Business Improvement - Quiz 2
  • Section 3: Problem Analysis and Planning Solutions
  • Business Improvement Techniques 9 - Problem Analysis Tools
  • Video - Getting Started with Mind Mapping
  • Business Improvement Technqiues 10 - Analyzing Causes
  • Video - Using a Fishbone Diagram
  • Business Improvement Technqiues 11 - Analyzing Options for Improvement
  • Video - Force Field Analysis
  • Business Improvement Technqiues 12 - Implementing the Solution
  • Video - Using the PDCA Cycle
  • Business Improvement Techniques 13 - Promoting Continuous Improvement
  • Business Improvement Techniques 14 - Wrapping - Up
  • Business Improvement - Quiz 3
  • Business Improvement Technqiues - Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete 90.00% of the content
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever